Starting Haze Engineering

Years ago I went to a track day, determined to actually improve my driving and get faster. I pulled up my trusty tracking app, and noticed it pretty much showed "beginning of the turn" "middle of the turn" and "exit of the turn" other words, I had a rough idea of my time, but I couldn't do anything with it. I saw GPS modules at the track, but I noticed most either didn't work well, or they had to be fixed to the dash for best reception. I was determined to make something better

Over the next few years, I made different prototypes with different receivers, radios, and processors as technology and life provided different obstacles.

With a burst of determination in 2020, we coupled experience from defense, telecom, industrial automation, and automotive industries to make something we were not only proud to use, but to share with others - the GPS_BT - and founded Haze Engineering, LLC. We're excited to make the apps on your phone more powerful, and offer improvements as well as new products in the years to come!


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