Update - the processor shortage still sucks

Quite a lot has changed since the last update. Over the last six months, my wife and I have moved to a "fixer-upper" in Indiana, and the chip shortage has gotten worse. 

While things originally shifted quickly toward a new processor vendor, everyone else apparently made the same shift. Now the new processor is also seeing extreme lead times and supply issues. 

Especially with my office currently filled with power tools for the renovation, I've decided the best move is to focus on new features for the GPS, as well as new variants. The current feature list is as follows:

  • New operating system
  • App support
  • Firmware Updates
  • CAN variant
  • Selectable GPS update rate

The one -most requested- feature that's not up there is iOS support. The reason for that is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and iOS communication pretty much go hand-in-hand, but that complicates how the device communicates with apps. The current Bluetooth radio actually supports BLE, however it's rather limited.

Currently I'm planning on introducing BLE with the CAN variant, and then using that to trial BLE support with different apps.

Ultimately this means I still don't know when units will be available again, but it means that when we can get processors the resulting product will be better than ever.


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