GPS_BT HAZE High Speed GPS Instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of your Haze Engineering High Speed GPS for Android! 

To operate your GPS, you will need:

  • USB power adapter
  • A Micro USB cable that is suitable for your application
  • A Race Track
  • Bluetooth host device to feed GPS position data to.


Operating the GPS Module

With the antenna connected, attach your Micro USB cable to a USB power source and the bluetooth dongle.  After powering up the module, the PWR light should come on immediately, and the CPU light should be steady for approximately a second before blinking rapidly - the blinking is GPS activity.

The Bluetooth (BT) light will blink in short bursts to indicate it is ready to pair.

When pairing the module, you should see a device named "HAZEGPS" - simply select it and pair when prompted. There is no password needed to pair to the module. 

 Once running, simply set up the GPS with your lap recording or navigation app of choice - you should see an update rate of 16-18Hz, the rate may vary depending on how the phone app measures update frequency, available satellites, and signal strength.

When connecting the device for the first time, the device may take up to 10 minutes to achieve a GPS fix.

Once the module has a GPS fix in an area, it typically takes less than a minute to power up and get going again.


Mounting the GPS_BT

The GPS module itself isn't picky about location, but it should be mounted in a location that is relatively cool (<160°F), dry, and where it won't put strain on the USB cable. If possible, tie the USB cable down so that it has plenty of slack against the module but can't be ripped out. A quick example is shown below -feel free to mount the module as you like, as long as the guidelines above are followed

Cable strain relief example


Mounting the Antenna

The antenna can be mounted anywhere on the exterior body of the vehicle.  It is magnetic, IP67 waterproof, and has been tested up to 120mph.

To mount, simply drop the magnet straight onto the vehicle.  For best results mount it directly on a piece of metal that is grounded and at least 4" in diameter.

In order to avoid scratches or other damage to your paint or glass, the magnet is strong enough to stick through blue painters tape or a single layer of vinyl or PPF.

To remove, pick it straight up by the antenna Not the cable

Hand-tighten the antenna to the module.  Using tools to tighten the cable to the GPS module can result in damage to the module and is not covered under warranty.

The HAZE High Speed GPS is compatible with any GPS Antenna that meets the following Specifications.

  • 3.3v power through cable
  • SMA connector
  • ~30db gain

When you're done

When you're done with the module for the day, simply unplug it so it doesn't drain your battery overnight.